Elevator Consulting Services

The team at Fahrenheit 451 have been involved in many fire alarm upgrade projects especially those required when an elevator is upgraded. They are uniquely qualified to help you whenever you are considering upgrading the building’s elevator, fire alarm system and/or other fire safety systems.


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The Right People

We have associations with engineers, electrical contractors and fire alarm companies to help get the job done with a minimal amount of disruption. Our team can assist in the building permit approval process which is required in most municipalities to make sure the system meets with their particular requirements.


Bambrough & Associates

 Whenever an elevator is upgraded, the fire alarm system must be able to send certain signals that keep the elevator running until the elevator itself is threatened by fire. This allows handicap occupants to evacuate in an emergency and increases the speed at which a building can evacuate its occupants when required.

We work with Bambrough & Associates (Elevator Consultants) to provide complete elevator upgrade services.

New Elevator Standards

Under the new standards, elevators will continue to operate even if the building’s fire alarm system goes off. The fire alarm system is designed so that only detectors in front of the elevator lobbies, elevator shaft or elevator machine room can initiate a controlled shutdown of the elevator system. The elevator will be sent to the main level unless a detector from that level causes the alarm. In that case the elevator is sent to an alternate floor.