Fire Alarm Consulting Services

The team at Fahrenheit 451 have been involved in many fire alarm upgrade projects especially those required when an elevator is upgraded. They are uniquely qualified to help you whenever you are considering upgrading the building’s elevator, fire alarm system and/or other fire safety systems.

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The Right People

We have associations with engineers, electrical contractors and fire alarm companies to help get the job done with a minimal amount of disruption. Our team can assist in the building permit approval process which is required in most municipalities to make sure the system meets with their particular requirements.

Alberta Building Code 2014

Alberta Building Code 2014

Safety First

We work with the electricians to make a plan so that the fire system is replaced in the shortest time frame possible. We make sure that the occupants of your building are protected at all times. We also provide quality control & review so that the system meets the appropriate codes, the design that we agreed to and we follow through to make sure all permits are closed at completion of the project.

Code Review

Building Codes are always changing and with each new addition of the codes & standards, your building’s life safety systems become a little more obsolete. Our team can identify the different areas that can be upgraded and work within your budget to determine the best strategies when you are upgrading your safety systems.

We develop the Scope of Work and Bid Documents based on these concepts and then we meet with qualified electrical-fire alarm contractors to get the best price possible. Once the contractor has been chosen, we make sure that all of the appropriate permits are in place and work with them to design a plan for the project.

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