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Defend Your Building Against Crime with a Video Surveillance System

When you are looking to protect your condominium or commercial building from the dangers of theft and vandalism there are few things more effective than a video surveillance system.  We tailor our vast product offering to the specific parameters of your building ensuring the highest level of security for your occupants.

At Fahrenheit 451 in Calgary, we are industry experts in the installation and repair of Video Surveillance Systems.  Our technicians have decades of experience and are also active in ongoing training for new and emerging products.

Investing in a Video Surveillance System has Significant Benefits

Surveillance systems are proven to deter crime and can often prevent both theft and vandalism in Calgary. Visible cameras in conjunction with notices of surveillance, increase the probability of potential criminals choosing another building to target for fear of being caught. In the event that your building is victim to the actions of a perpetrator, having a camera system increases the likelihood of being able to prosecute the crime.

Video systems can also have resounding affects such as increasing the overall feeling of safety among Calgary residents. This increased level of safety is attractive to potential tenants and can increase the rentability of your building. Increased security is often correlated with higher property value and tolerance of higher rental fees.

Your Premium Provider of Analog and IP Video Systems

Fahrenheit 451 Fire & Security is a Calgary supplier of both traditional analog video systems (CCTV systems) and modern IP camera systems (network cameras). While the emergence of IP surveillance cameras has led to a significant increase in system convenience and flexibility, it has also driven down the cost of analog cameras making them even more affordable then ever before. Regardless of your budget, needs, and building we will find you the right system that will not only help to deter crime, but also give you the evidence you need to take action in the unfortunate event of criminal activity.

We Love IP Video Surveillance Systems and You Will Too

Here at Fahrenheit 451 we have a strong bias towards using emerging IP Video Surveillance technologies because they help to exceed our customers expectations in ways that analog cameras simply cannot match.


IP Video Solutions give you the ability to access your cameras from anywhere that you have an internet connection.  With secure log-in credentials you can access your cameras from your laptop or smart phone with a couple of clicks.  You can even review past footage and check on the status of your building at any time.



Unlike analog video solutions, IP video cameras offer a variety of setup options that allow you to record video on site or off site.  Many IP Video cameras even allow you to record directly onto a memory card without the need for onsite video recording system.  Other set-ups allow you to stream low quality video offsite, but store high quality video locally.


Because of the digital nature of IP Video systems, there are less restrictions when it comes to adding additional cameras to your system.  Many analog video recorders limit the number of cameras that can be connected.  As the needs of your organization change over time it is important to realize that an IP Camera system can grow with you.

Fahrenheit 451 is the Exclusive Provider of Anywhere Video

We are pleased to announce our new IP video services called Anywhere Video. Anywhere Video ranges from very high-end IP video solutions to a low cost solution to safely monitor your small business or residential property. Your video surveillance data is no longer bound by the location of your recording equipment.

Anywhere Video gives you access to your video footage from almost any device connected to the internet. Whether you are on the go with your mobile phone or sitting in front of your computer, you can instantly watch streaming video of your building. You can search past recorded video and rewatch any events within recent history.

Video Surveillance from Your Web Browser


Anywhere video allows you to view your camera footage from any computer through your Internet browser. Using your secure log-in details you can view live video footage and search recorded video of past events.


Video Surveillance from Your Mobile Phone

On your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone you can download a free app to access your Anywhere Video system. This app will allow you to view your cameras securely and in a timely fashion. The website will also works on most modern smart phones.
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