Building Security Services

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are one of the most effective ways to deter crime and prosecute criminals.  Knowing that an area is under observation by cutting edge camera surveillance system can discourage vandalism and burglary before it ever happens.  In the unfortunate event of a crime, a video surveillance system with digital recording allows you to quickly find incidents and prosecute individuals involved.

Card Access Systems and Access Controls

Preventing unauthorized access to private areas of your building can significantly decrease the likelihood of criminal activity.  Keeping unwanted visitors out of sensitive areas such as the parkade or recreational rooms can also lead to less chance of incidents.  Traditional key systems can be copied and even picked.  Modern card access systems can prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas of your building.   More importantly they also provide an audit trail of all the people who entered the building complete with time-stamped details.

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems are essential to allowing visitors to gain access to your building.  Today’s telephone entry systems have evolved to include touch screen interfaces and integration with your access control system.  Modern telephone entry systems can tell you which units authorized access to visitors and at what time.

Commercial and Industrial Burglar Systems

To protect sensitive areas of your building or business you may require a burglar alarm system.  Burglar alarm systems are designed to go into alarm in the event of forced entry such as a broken window or jimmied door.

Also Available:

Commercial Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Security system monitoring ensures that in the event of an alarm you are notified within minutes. Depending on the nature of the alarm, the monitoring station can also dispatch local police authorities. We partner with Armstrong’s Communications to offer ULC certified monitoring services.
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