The greatest security threat to your building might be located right outside the front door. In the past couple weeks, Calgary has seen a string of building break-ins using the keys from their own lockbox.

How is this possible? Apparently there is a structural weakness present in lockboxes that have a lip. The lip is used to pry open the lock box with a crowbar. Take a look at our photos below for more details.


Compromised Lockbox

photo 2

The lockbox in the image above contained a lip with which a crowbar can be lodged. The sheer force against the lip was able to break the door of lockbox and make the keys within accessible.


Alternate Lockbox


The lockbox shown above does not have an visible lip for a crowbar to be lodged. While it is not completely impervious to tampering, it will provide better defence against this recent string of burglaries.


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