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24 Hour Fire Alarm Monitoring


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ULC Certified

24 / 7 Exceptional Monitoring Service

Fahrenheit 451 has partnered with Armstrong Communications to provide world class fire alarm monitoring services. Together we are able to provide the very best in customer service and emergency responsiveness. Protect your building with services you can trust.

ULC Certified

Fahrenheit 451 and Armstrong’s Communications work together to maintain their ULC accredited status as a fire alarm monitoring company. The ULC (or Underwriters Laboratory of Canada) develops standards for products and services that affect the life safety of Canadian citizens. These standards are accepted by the Canadian government. In order to be in compliance with local and national fire code regulation, your fire safety products and services are expected to meet these guidelines.

Fahrenheit 451 and Armstrong’s Communications work tirelessly to maintain their ULC certification which is reviewed annually. It is required that your fire alarm monitoring company be ULC certified in order to provide monitoring services in Alberta.

100% Canadian Customer Service

Fahrenheit 451 is a privately owned and Canadian operated business. We have partnered with Armstrong’s Communications for our monitoring services whose central stations are located in New Brunswick. Whether you are dealing with Fahrenheit 451 for service on your monitoring equipment or Armstrong’s Communication for updates on your account, you will be dealing with 100% Canadian customer service.
Also Available:

Commercial Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Security system monitoring ensures that in the event of an alarm you are notified within minutes. Depending on the nature of the alarm, the monitoring station can also dispatch local police authorities. We partner with Armstrong’s Communications to offer ULC certified monitoring services.
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