Monitoring Services

ULC Certified Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Monitoring your fire alarm system ensures that the fire department is notified in the event of an alarm. Not only is fire alarm monitoring required by building & fire codes on modern fire alarm systems, but it also decreases fire department response times and could save lives. In the event of a fire alarm trouble or ground fault issue, the monitoring company will also notify the building manager.

Commercial and Industrial Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring your burglar alarm allows you to be notified in the event of an alarm. Based on origin of the alarm you can also instruct the monitoring company to dispatch the local police authorities to your site. If your burglar alarm system remains unmonitored, it is only doing half of its job.

Which Fire Safety Equipment Testing is Required?

Are you wondering what your responsibilities are as a building owner?  Check out the City of Calgary Fire Department’s guide to maintaining your Fire Safety Equipment.  This guide outlines how often you should be inspecting, testing, and maintaining the various components of your fire safety system.

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