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Residential and Commercial Fire Safety Plans

Similar to annual fire alarm testing, the Calgary Fire Department requires all commercial buildings, condominiums, and apartments to have a fire safety plan on-site. These plans are expected to contain specific details that aid the Fire Department in the event of an emergency. It includes the layout of your entire building and the locations of all emergency equipment. While the Fire Department has provided vague guidelines for Fire Safety Plans, there is no publicly available template. Our experts have worked in conjunction with past and present fire safety officials to ensure our plans are in line with the expectations of the Calgary Fire Department.

Click To See What's Inside Our Fire Safety Plan
  • One Fire Safety Plan Program Binder
  • One copy of the Fire Safety Plan custom tailored to your building.
  • One copy of the Building Floor Plans complete with all safety equipment mapped out.
  • One copy of the occupant hand out package.
  • One copy of the Fire Department Emergency Information sheet.
  • One copy of the Resident Summary list.
  • One Fire Safety Log Book.
  • One Digital Copy of All Files in Microsoft Word Format.

Evacuation Signage

Provincial law requires that all commercial and multi-residential buildings post emergency evacuation signs in public areas (generally by the elevator) to guide building occupants of the direction to the nearest exits. These signs should contain relevant emergency information and concise direction towards the nearest exits. When you hire us to create your evacuation signage we will ensure that your signs are orientated correctly and are easy to understand.

Our emergency evacuation signs are available in both full colour and metal finish to match your building decor. We can also incorporate building branding into our signage. Our signs are printed on 1mm thick metal that makes them lightweight and easy to mount. We offer complimentary two-sided tape for affixing our signage, but can also prepare our signs with holes to accommodate alternate forms of hanging. Our signage is resistant to sunlight deterioration and peeling.

Look no further for affordable and well designed evacuation signage.

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Emergency Equipment and Site Signs

The Calgary Fire Department often requires that buildings provide additional signage to aid officials in finding important fire safety equipment.  This can include signage on the doors to the sprinkler room or fire alarm control panel.   Additionally, the Calgary Fire Department may require site signs that show the fire safety assets on a map for buildings with complex navigation or unusually situated equipment.  Buildings may also choose to post signage without a request from the Fire Department because it makes it easier for technician service calls and inspections.

Click to Reveal Standard Sign Types
  • Emergency Exit Only Sign
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel Sign
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel Directional Signs
  • Fire Department Connection Sign
  • Fire Door, Keep Closed Sign
  • Local Alarm, Call 9-1-1 Sign
  • Maximum Occupant Load Sign
  • Muster Point Signs
  • Push Button To Exit Signs
  • Sprinkler Room Sign
  • Sprinkler Standpipe Sign
  • Sprinkler System Shutoff Sign

Which Fire Safety Planning Items Are Required?

You may be wondering which of the Fire Safety Planning items are required for compliance. Usually the answer varies depending on your building type, age, and features. For example, any building with a fire alarm system should have a corresponding Fire Safety Plan.

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