Fire Safety Services

Fire Safety Inspection Services

Testing and maintaining your fire alarm equipment is required by law.  Each building is fitted with a unique combination for fire alarm devices, sprinklers, and extinguishing equipment.  Some of these items must be inspected quarterly, while others require annual inspections.  Find out more about our inspection services.

Fire Safety Planning Services

The Calgary Fire Department requires that all commercial and multi-family residential buildings have certain fire safety planning items in place that will help both occupants and the fire department in the event of a fire.  These fire safety planning materials require specialized knowledge of the fire safety systems in the building and must adhere to specific guidelines.  Our knowledgeable professionals specialize in creating custom tailored fire safety planning materials.


Fire Alarm Upgrades and Retrofitting

We have a large portfolio of buildings for which we have provided major upgrades to their older fire alarm systems. Whenever you are upgrading the elevator system in a building, you are required by law to ensure your fire alarm system also meets modern standards. Our extensive experience makes us your best choice.

Fire Safety Repairs and Troubleshooting

If you have an unexplainable trouble or false alarm, we should be your first call. We often provide same day service and are able to quickly diagnose the cause. Do not hesitate to contact us for availability and rates. We are available 24 hours for service.

Also Available:

ULC Certified Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring can save lives by ensuring the Fire Department is notified within minutes of an alarm. It also notifies the building operators of possible problems with the Fire Alarm System as soon as they occur. We partner with Armstrong’s Communications to offer ULC certified monitoring services.
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